Update: Verizon Network Extender Installed and Working

by Rod on April 22, 2010 · 7 comments

by Rod on April 22, 2010 · 7 comments

Verizon Network Extender Signal Strength

After about 20 minutes of being plugged in and connected to my broadband connect the Verizon Extender became functional. The way you confirm your phone is connected to the extender, ignoring the insane signal strength, is to dial #48. When the call connects you will hear, “You are under Network Extender Coverage”. If your planning on buying a network extender there are a couple things you will want to know.

Configuring your Verizon Network Extender


To configure your Verizon Network Extender you are supposed to logon to your account then click My Services | Manage under Network Extender.  With the recent upgrade of the My Verizon web portal you can no longer manage the settings of your network extender. I confirmed this with a call to Verizon Support. By default your extender is set to Open Access meaning any Verizon phone can connect to your extender. On my call the support representative added my phone and my wife’s phone to the extender. Adding contacts switches your devices from open access to Managed Access.

Once my friends heard I got the extender the questions started coming. The most important thing to understand about the Network Extender is Verizon charges you no additional fees to use the extender. See the Verizon FAQ for details about the billing on the network extender. This model is how it is supposed to be, unlike the AT&T model.


I am about 24 hrs into using the Network Extender and my call quality has been amazing. I have to thank Comcast as I know the quality of my call is directly related to my internet connection upload speed. Despite having my CrashPlan backup uploading data at 900kbps there is enough bandwidth to handle all my calls. If the quality remains at this level I will be killing at least on of my home phone numbers.

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  • Christopher Brown

    I just purchased this product as well and it is working as advertised. Very happy that I can now proceed with dropping my land line.

    However, I just tried to submit for the $100 mail in rebate and it stated that it was expired. Did you submit for yours and were you sucessful? I have an inquiry to them. They are still advertising the rebate on their website.

    • http://simplemobilereview.com Rod Simmons

      I purchased under a corporate account so they gave me the rebate at time of purchase.

    • P Good

      I had same problem with rebate and called customer service. We received $100 credit off our bill after they couldn?t process rebate on their end.

  • P Good

    I had same problem with rebate and called customer service. We received $100 credit off our bill after they couldn’t process rebate on their end.

    • Brian

      I just purchase the Network Extender and only paid $50 from a Verizon store. It works great.

      • http://www.simplemobilereview.com Rod

        WOW how did you get such a good deal

        • Brian

          I thought I was going to have to bitch to get a deal. But they told me it was on sale. I did read if you are a VIP customer you can get it at a large discount. I was shock I got it so cheep. I was looking on Craigslist and people were selling it for $100+ and used, same with e-bay.
          I would recommend going to a Verizon store and ask.