Skype on the HTC Thunderbolt Cannot use the Front Camera

by Rod on August 5, 2011 · 5 comments

by Rod on August 5, 2011 · 5 comments

Skype for Android

If you own the HTC Thunderbolt it is likely and have tried a video call with Skype it is likely you could only use the rear facing camera.  We have heard from many readers that they cannot get the Thunderbolt to switch to the front facing camera.  We have confirmed this behavior and all we know is Thunderbolt Users may have to wait on Gingerbread for a fix.  Hopefully that is not the case.

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  • Timd21

    This is crazy. It’s cool that Skype is getting the Mobile Updated for HTC Thunderbolt but why have a front cam if you can’t us it. I hope they fix asap.

  • srve

    Finally Skype came with Video call option update. But they’ve not yet updated the use of front cam in HTC Thunderbolt. Any idea from the users on the update or any alternate idea to use the front cam?

  • Ruppjar

    this is ridiculous … I can’t believe they’d make a phone with front facing camera that won’t run with skype

  • Angelo Vila

    This is horse shit, the thunderbolt has the technology and camera to get the front face camera to work, a simple update would fix it.

  • Aznanny52

    When is the Gingerbread update REALLY coming out on the thunderbolt?  I heard this will fix the Skype problem.  I just downloaded it last night and was so disappointed to know that the only way the person I was skyping with could see me was to turn the phone around.  All fine and good but then I couldn’t see her.  That’s the whole purpose of video calling…. to see each other!