Review Of The iGrill Bluetooth Thermometer

by Rod on December 6, 2012 · 0 comments

by Rod on December 6, 2012 · 0 comments

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  1. The iGrill can only pair with a single device. This is a downside of the owner of paired device need to run out to grab ingredients. With a dedicated wireless grilling thermometer this is not an issue
  2. The devices connect via Bluetooth which has a short range than traditional thermometers. For example my Maverick ET732 has a rather long range. I was unable to leave my go to the front of my house without the device disconnecting.
  3. Some type of WiFi connection would have been amazing so you could leave home and still check temperatures on long smokes of thong like pork shoulder.
  4. It does not come with a probe for monitoring the surface temperature of your BBQ.


  1. Pre set temperatures for alarms one each probe. Think checking temperature on beef and chicken.
  2. When you sit on the couch you are more likely to grab you phone vs a wireless grilling thermometer
  3. The mobile app is extremely easy to read and figure out. While there is a manual it really is not necessary as it is  simple to use.

The iGrill is a useful way to bring technology to grilling or as the dedicated people would say to Barbeque. First and most important the iGrill is not limited to iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad users as they have an app for Android and iOS devices. Essentially it turns your mobile phone into one element in a wireless grilling thermometer scenario.

Our friends at AT&T loaned us an iGrill to checkout to setup and usage. IGrill uses Bluetooth to wirelessly send probe temperatures from the sensor to your Android or iPhone and we found the device extremely easy to use. Simply download the iGrill app from the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store then power on the device and pair the device using Bluetooth.

During the initial setup the order in which you do things is important. For example, you should download the iGrill App, pair the devices via Bluetooth, then launch the mobile app. The iGrill comes with two food probes which is nice if for example  you are cooking two chickens or a chicken and pork tenderloin. The downside is if you are Barbequing (smoking) something like a pork butt where you need to monitor the cooking temperature and food temperature over hours. While a ambient temperature thermometer (surface) is an available $20 accessory it makes this device even more pricy.

The simplicity at which you can select you food temperature, set and alarm and cook is fantastic. This is extremely easy to use for short or long cooking sessions. The biggest downside was the use of Bluetooth vs WiFi. Ideally we would love if you had one of two options. Pair via Bluetooth then configure you home WiFi settings so you could have more range. Another option would be exactly the same but the iGrill could connect to the iGrill web server so you could check temperatures when you are away from home like a Nest thermostat. This is really valuable when you are cooking something that takes 14+ hrs.

Bottom Line

The iGrill is fantastic but expensive. You could purchase a dedicated device like the Maverick ET732 for $55 where the iGrill runs $79.99 from AT&T Accessories site or if you prefer, you can get it from The other downside is the iGrill is rather large especially when you put it next to other dedicated devices. I used it with both my Big Green Egg and cooking in my oven and it worked flawless. The simplicity of the device is the only reason I would recommend the iGrill but if you are price sensitive consider dedicated hardware.

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