How to Reboot Android When the Power Button is Not Working

by Rod on June 7, 2010 · 1 comment

by Rod on June 7, 2010 · 1 comment

HTC Incredible

As usual, I got a phone call from a friend having a small issue with powering off his HTC Incredible.   The issue was that after pressing and holding the power button, the all too familiar ‘menu’ failed to show up. Now, my first reaction was to add a widget to the desktop to power down the phone, but the built-in power control widget is for powering off phone features not powering off the phone. I started thinking about widgets I have used in the past like Quick Boot or Power Off, but each one that came to mind required root access. Now, I am stuck with a novice question stumping me.

How can you reboot an Android Phone if the power button is un-responsive?

Yank the battery

One of the benefits to a removable battery is the ability to remove the battery should the phone become unresponsive. I looked hard to find another way to bring up the Phone Options menu, but could find nothing. Without root access, I just could not find another software based way to reboot an Android Phone.

The interesting thing is, since updating my wife’s Droid Eris to Android 2.1, every 4-5 days she complains about slow downs. I just reboot her phone and all is well again. This made me think about getting her a program like MeterBerry for BlackBerry that would allow me to schedule phone reboots, but that search resulted in needing root access.

Does anyone know a way to power off an Android phone without removing the battery under the following conditions:

  1. Physical Power button will not bring up the Power Option Menu
  2. Phone has not been rooted
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    I have the same problem, i used “adb” and did it using the “adb reboot” command when the phone is plugged into the USB port, with debugging enabled.

    Workjs like a charm. except you have to be plugged in…