How to: Amazon Prime Instant Video on Android

by Brent on February 24, 2011 · 15 comments

by Brent on February 24, 2011 · 15 comments

Amazon Prime Instant Video

After I saw the announcement of the Amazon Prime Instant Video, I had to try it out on my Motorola Droid X. Turns out that with just a tiny bit of tweaking, Amazon Prime Instant Video works great on Android phones, as long as you are running Android 2.2+ with Adobe Flash installed. Check out Chris’ post on Amazon Prime Instant Videos.

How Do I Watch Amazon Prime Instant Video on Android?

Choose any browser you like, as long as it is a direct browser. That means no Skyfire unfortunately. My browser of choice for larger screens is Dolphin HD. The secret is to make sure that you change the “agent name” from Android to Desktop. That is what tells the receiving web site what kind of browser you have. If you try this with just the stock browser, Amazon will kick you back and tell you that you “cannot purchase this movie with a mobile browser”. Once you change the agent name, open the browser to and log in.

This assumes that you are already an Amazon Prime user. If not, sign up, then go to Amazon Instant Video. Once there, chose your movie from the available titles, choose ‘Amazon Prime Free Movie’, set your screen to full-screen and enjoy your movie. I streamed the opening 10 minutes of ‘Chariots of Fire’ without any issue at all and would have watched the rest of the movie had I not been on low battery and not near an A/C outlet. Give it a try yourself and enjoy!

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  • Helpme

    How do you change the agent name?

    • Guest

      In browser in android put debug:about,  hit Go.  ( nothing will load on the screen when you do this)Hit Menu Button, then go to settings/more  then US String change from Android to Desktop, then hit the back key. Then go back to the amazon video, you should be able to play

  • Lemontree12

    Any tips on getting amazon video to work on my HTC Desire. It just gets stuck on the connecting page

  • Guest

    This works for me on my Nexus One, but when the video starts playing I briefly see a box that says “this video is not optimized for mobile” and playback is pretty jerky.  I guess the N1 isn’t fast enough to handle the Amazon encodes.

  • Egs02

    tried on Samsung Galaxy S 2….. Success!

  • Kghoti

    Tried this on my GalaxyTab 7 with no joy…it just keeps loading

  • Sean

    Very easy on Android 4.0 (Samsung Galaxy Nexus on Verizon).  Just go to Amazon in browser, select “Request Desktop Site” in the options and hey presto, you’re looking at the desktop site where you can view videos.  (Android sets the user agent for you.)

  • Sean

    As of late last year, Flash Player on Android was discontinued. The only method is to install an old, outdated and vulnerable version of Flash if you want to use Amazon Instant Video.

    The other is to just go buy a Kindle Fire and be done with it.

    Amazon is dragging their feet in producing an HTML5 video environment for this which is the real answer to the problem.

  • testname

    How about Hulu on IMDB for android

  • Notme

    Just set op a playon server and all the amazon videos now work on all your android devices.

  • B

    I bought a zeepad for my daughter for Christmas and am trying to purchase and download a movie from amazon. Does anyone know how to do that?

  • Mike

    And now, three years later, Amazon have still not released a native Android app for Amazon Instant Video. They support iOS natively, and also their own Kindle Fire tablets, which are Android-based. Why are they hating so hard on Android?

  • Robert Thomas

    Does not work. Amazon states you need Silverlight or something like it. That does not run on Android.

  • Frahgeelay

    Easy. Install Amazon shopping app for mobile phones rather than the app for tablets. Works like a charm.

  • tommilee23

    This is amazing thank you. I have a veriizon elipsis 7 and have prime membership but could not watch my shows on my tablet thanks to the advice about using dolphin browser I’m now watching and getting more or of my prime membership. So thanks Brent for the knowledge.