Getting Error Downloading with Zune HD from Marketplace?

by Rod on February 10, 2010 · 0 comments

by Rod on February 10, 2010 · 0 comments

I was having an issue with my Zune HD downloading content from the Market Place. I subscribe to the Zune Pass and when it was connected to my Zune AV Dock I wanted to download a new song. This sounds simple and to any iPhone user they would agree it is as easy as pie. After selecting the song in the Marketplace via my Zune HD I got a download error. I clicked to see the error message and it said, Can’t download due to a network errorLike any savvy technical person I knew the solution, reboot. Unfortuntaly the fix all solution did not resolve this problem. I tried searching via bing and google but the issue was all articles kept coming back with PC download errors.

Solution 1

  1. Power off the Zune (Hold the Button on top of the Zune until you get the screen saying Swipe Down to Power Off)
  2. With the Zune off Press and hold the Power and Home Buttons until the Zune Logo Appears | Disappears | Reappears
  3. Let the Zune Power up
  4. Go to the Market Place and retry downloads

That said Chris had the exact same problem but his solution was different.

Solution 2

I started out with the fix that Rod put together above but that did not quite get me working. Turns out I needed to put my old help desk hat on and try a few more things. The first thing that I tried to do is sign in on the Zune Software on the desktop. When IT logged in it asked me to agree to a new EULA. When I tried to agree I got the error below

I tried several times and got the same error. Finally I decided to kill the service in task manager. Once I launched the Zune Software again I was able to login and agree to the new EULA. I reset the Zune but still got an error when trying to download and app directly from the device.

Finally, I assumed the issue could be resolved it I first downloaded content from the computer and synced it over to my device. I just believed the problem was around authorization. After downloading the app on my desktop Zune software I synced it wirelessly over to the Zune, because unlike and iPod/iPhone Microsoft allows wireless syncing. After the Zune picked up the new app I tried to download another one directly from the Zune. Poof we are up and running.

And let me say, although the app is just Checkers man does it look good. This will definitely be a future conversation.

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