Getting 12/31/69 No Sender Emails on the iPhone 4

by Rod on August 16, 2010 · 0 comments

by Rod on August 16, 2010 · 0 comments

iPhone Error

I have been using my iPhone 4 for about a week now and unlike my iPhone 2G, 3G, and 3GS, this new device has an issue with deleted messages.  The problem is simple to describe: if I delete a message on Gmail or any email client, I would get a message stub that appeared with no sender and a date of 12/31/69 on the iPhone.  Working as, and with developers, for many years, the date 12/31/69 is all too familiar. I have seen this problem many times in the past.  It it almost as common and stupid as the miscalculation of leap year, and yes I have seen that as well.  With 100′s of thousands of lines of code, mistakes do happen. But, on my iPhone, it was so bad I was hours away from returning the device. My phone was filled with no sender emails. It was making it impossible to work with legit emails.

Of all people, the iPod hater Chris then said, “Rod how are you connecting to Gmail?  With ActiveSync?” I instantly felt beyond stupid as I forgot Google licensed Microsoft ActiveSync technology. This meant I did not have to use the default Gmail IMAP settings. As soon as I had a free moment, I configured Gmail as if it was a Microsoft Exchange environment and like magic the problem was resolved. I have read many threads where users are complaining about this issue, on many different mail systems. I cannot say this solves the problem for everyone, but with Gmail, I am now officially good to go. Oh and as a bonus, you get OTA contact syncing, too.

Here are instructions to  setup Gmail on the iPhone as an Exchange Server

  1. Settings | Mail, Contacts, Calendar
  2. Add Account
  3. Microsoft Exchange
  4. For the Domain enter Google
  5. For the User Name Enter your full Gmail Address just as you did in the email address field above
  6. Now it will fail to connect and prompt you for a server name enter
  7. Enable Contact syncing (Keep in mind you can delete the contacts on your device or sync.  This could cause duplicates so I suggest you back in both locations first)

Enjoy.  I know I am.

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