Bank of America App Coming to Windows Phone 7

by Chris on January 5, 2011 · 8 comments

by Chris on January 5, 2011 · 8 comments

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I do a lot of mobile banking and happen to be a Bank Of America customer. I knew they had apps for other smartphone platforms, and was wondering when it would be on Windows Phone 7. Looks like it is coming soon. Today at CES Liz Sloan from the Mobile Communication Business from Microsoft had a picture of her phone on the screen. In the top right corner was a Bank of America icon. Rod and I quickly searched the app store for it and it was not here. Also pinning the web page to your start screen only gives you a quick screen shot of the page you are on. So we are left to assume that the app is coming soon. Hopefully they take advantage of the Metro UI.

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  • Vizag Dude

    As soon as I saw the Key Note, I too immediately searched for the BoA and the App in the market place. I could not find them.

    I also saw Liz use Copy & Paste function on her device, so I guess she is using the unreleased version of the OS. But then the Apps should be available in the Market Place right. I am not sure why these two apps are not available yet… I even opened a thread on XDA asking this question. I guess its not yet out…

    But I am really happy to know they are coming out.

  • Rod

    B of A apps on all platforms are just a pretty icon that launches a mobile web page but even that would be nice to have. I doubt they will do anything amazing.

    The kindle app is available it is hard to find see this article we have a link at the bottom

  • Chris

    I think Rod is right. all the apps were web apps. But since it took this long I am holding out hope for dome Metro love.

  • John

    Yeah, the other apps just took you to

  • John
  • Guest

    Looks like it finally dropped! Pretty nice incorporation of the metro ui. Very nice native feel.

    Check it out

  • website coder

    I feel very happy to know about this information.. Also in my point of view Rod is correct..

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    I am very much happy to hear this information