Auto Text makes Blackberry a Powerful Device

by Rod on January 15, 2010 · 4 comments

by Rod on January 15, 2010 · 4 comments

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Auto Text is a feature on the Blackberry OS I really miss since moving to Android. I respond to about a hundred emails daily from my mobile device. Responses can be identical if not similar for a variety of reasons. For example

  • Often the response needs to contain specific text to trigger Outlook rules
  • Responses need specific text to kickoff workflow in management systems
  • A question that gets asked often and needs a pre-defined response.
  • Quick way to type out words with accent marks
  • I need specific people added to the “To” or “cc” line
  • Links to information on internet or intranet sites commonly requested

On the iPhone to have auto text you could buy TextExpander Touch. The desktop version of TextExpander is a life saver but on the mobile, due to Apple’s limitations, it cannot be integrated into the user experience. Blackberry has built auto text into the Operation System. Currently, Android from what I can see has nothing like the Blackberry auto text. If your a heavy blackberry user you have to use auto text. I believe 70% – 80% of my emails contained content from auto complete. It takes some time to set up and learn your shortcut text but once done it is an real time saver.

Oh if your not a junkie but interested Auto Text can be found under Options | AutoText

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  • Thomas Martin

    This is a true benefit of Blackberry. I give textexpander credit. They tried but the policies at apple prevent this from being a decent solution.

  • Cyril

    if you want custom AutoText on Android, you can use “Smart Keyboard Pro” which has this feature!

    • Rod Simmons

      Thanks for that info trying the keyboard out today. I only wish Google handled showing the price in USD vs EURO’s. Either way still a low price.

  • Danno

    I am a Blackberry user and truly understand the frustration of not having a feature like Autotext for the Android. I bug my kids about this as they have Android phones. Well, I just saw a program called Firekeys. Free version supports 10 shortcuts. If it works well, then maybe worth buying the full version.