APP Update Overload!

by Rod on March 2, 2010 · 0 comments

by Rod on March 2, 2010 · 0 comments

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Anyone feel mobile apps are updating too frequently?  This almost sounds un-American.  Most of the time these updates are free. I am sure the developers want to provide the best user experience. What am I doing asking if it is to frequent?  I also wonder if the frequency and number of apps installed in general are creating a bad user experience.  For example, on Thursday of last week I had 6 updates available.  I installed all available updates.  Today, I had 7 updates available and 4 of the 7 are repeats.  Is this a problem?

My concern is with the rush to bring good products to market we are getting buggy features resulting in multiple quick patch releases.  So you maybe thinking if the Android Market Place had a review process like the Apples App Store this would not be an issue.  And to be clear, I hope no one adopts the broken App review process of Apple, lets not even joke about it.

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You cannot help associate the ease of app approval to the frequency of updates.  Think about it, if pushing an update is fast and painless to you, why not provide updates as frequently as you desire.  Put another way, in an environment where there is no perceived cost for your actions each person will do as they please.  This pain is buffered for Blackberry and Windows Mobile users to some extent.  RIM and Microsoft have a long history of allowing users to get apps directly from developers sites or from 3rd party distributors.  In my experiences apps deployed outside of the app store processes only show updates on launch assuming the developer has coded for this.  Apps installed via the app store show updates regardless of usage because the app store is saying there is an updated version available.

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With the exception of a major bug or security problem I cannot think of a good reason an app should update 2x in under 7 days. Do you feel you’re getting app update overload?  Regardless of the operating platform mobile apps are updating at a breakneck pace.  It is not uncommon to see non technical users with an App Store Icon showing multiple updates available.  When do users get desensitized to available updates?  Has it already happened?

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