Android Bluetooth Keyboard Setup with KeyPro drivers – Avoid Problems!

by Brent on February 9, 2010 · 3 comments

by Brent on February 9, 2010 · 3 comments

I wrote a couple articles about the Bluetooth Keyboard Setup with KeyPro Drivers.  If you just jumping in see these previous articles listed from old to new.

We have had regular feedback from readers who have used the KeyPro drivers to setup Bluetooth portable keyboard on the Android and Blackberry platforms. The universal consensus seems to be that there are a couple of areas that catch people up. Reader Jeff Edwards points this out with his experience:

“After struggling to get a phone/keyboard pairing (I kept getting the message “Pairing refused by Freedom Pro”) I finally found some mention in the hardcopy instructions for OTHER phones that the “pairing button” should be pressed ” this button is not identified in the keyboard’s hardcopy instructions but it is a RECESSED button just above the SSP/HID switch; at first glance it LOOKS like a light (like the bluetooth and battery light below the switches) and I didn’t recognize it as a switch. Through some unrecorded/random pushings of this “Pairing” button during the pairing process my phone did eventually succeed in pairing I’m not totally clear what/when I did differently. In any case, I can attest that ONCE PAIRED and the other steps followed per the instructions, I was able to type on the keyboard and get the input to appear in a text field. Whew!”

I have taken the liberty to point out the specific areas that were problems in the diagram below:

The specific areas where these functions will be found will vary from keyboard to keyboard. However, all compatible keyboards will have them. Study your own keyboard until you know where they are, as you will need them for the setup process. Let us know if there are other areas where we can help.

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  • Daron

    This keypro just wouldn’t work, but I came across BlueInput driver from Teksoft for my Android and works great.

  • Don Rademacher

    Several things I would like to point out and/or ask regarding.
    1. I use the freedom pro with my Droid X. Contrary to the instructions, mine is paired (this typing is via the keyboard) in HID mode. I have not been successful in using SPP mode.
    2. Since Froyo, 2.2, i have had two problems when using the keyboard. The first is many times the display lags behind my keystrokes, and, make no mistake, I am not a speedy typist, although I do type conventionally with all my fingers.
    3. Worst, however, than the lagging, is a frequent occurance of repetition of a letter onver and over again, to the extent that I have filled up more than one line with the same letter. This is not predictable, however, it does seem to occur more often if I try to type faster. This has not occurred thus far as I am typing this message. The primary software I use for my documents is OfficeSuite Pro. Perhaps there is a conflict with the OfficeSuite software and the keyboard software, but (1) the problem seems to have happened only since Froyo, and (2) 80 to 90% of the time it works well. Perhaps you could test the combination of a drod X, OfficeSuite Pro and the Freedom Pro keyboard (using HID), to see if you can emulate and fix this?

    Please advise.


    • Rod

      I will get this over to our to Paul at Freedom