Amazon Cloud Player Works Flawless on BlackBerry PlayBook

by Rod on June 2, 2011 · 1 comment

by Rod on June 2, 2011 · 1 comment

Amazon Cloud Player

Amazon Cloud Player is a free 5 GB or 20 GB of online storage for Amazon customers to store and stream music and it just so happens to work on the BlackBerry Playbook. If you have an Amazon logon you get 5GB of storage, however if you purchase one digital album you are given 20 GB of storage. Amazon Cloud Drive, which hosts Cloud Player can store music, video, pictures, or files so they are accessible from any connected device.

Listening to music with Amazon Cloud Player is as simple as streaming music from Pandora Radio. I suggest switching your Playbook to Showcase mode which allows music to continue playing as you email, check Facebook, or play games. There is no hack or magic to streaming music with Amazon Cloud Player it just works on the Playbook. Navigate the built-in browser to

While the Amazon MP3 uploader only works from your computer to get your personal music to Amazon Cloud Player, afterwards, you can fully manage the cloud player from your playbook. You can create, edit, or delete playlists in addition to browsing or playing any song(s) or albums. If you decided on the 16GB Playbook then using a free 5 GB or 20 GB of storage for music lets you have more room for Playbook apps.

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    tried this but it is for USA only.