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About Simple Mobile Review

Simple Mobile Review is a highly interactive mobile technology news and reviews resource that attracts a community of more than 50,00 unique visitors each month. We review the latest mobile products and services across all carriers and platforms, giving users the resources needed to research, compare prices, and shop from those providers that fit their needs.

About the Editors

Chris Ashley (@bigcashley)

I am a ridiculous tech enthusiast that is not afraid to be biased. I generally like all things Microsoft. Of all the tech that I love, mobile tech is my favorite. Most of my friends consider me a pretty fair person and very loyal. However my low tolerance for b.s. makes me a pretty brash guy. When not dealing with gadgets powerlifting, movies and barbequing can easily get me through the day.

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Brent Harman (@jbharman)

I am a veteran of commercial Architecture, Corporate IT, and Pre-Sales Engineering for major Software houses, and been there, done that all over the world. Thankfully my current job allows me to focus on technology, which is what I write about at SimpleMobileReview.

Rod Simmons (@RodSimmons)

I have spent most of my professional career in enterprise software market. I currently work for one of the largest software companies worldwide. My job revolves around changing technologies and allows me to experiment with technology. I mainly started Simple Mobile Review to answer the repetitive question for friends about technology.

Robb Dunewood (@RobbDunewood)

Robb is the founder of RIMarkable, Celebrity BlackBerry Sightings, and numerous other websites that you’ve either never heard of, or, Robb can’t remember the name of.  A full-time  manager by day, and, part-time tech blogger / web designer by night; Robb, somehow,  has managed to get over 35 million people to be interested enough to read something he’s had to say over the past 7 or 8 years…

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